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Tire Rotation

Tips for Rotating Your Tires in Roselle, IL

Taking care of your vehicle’s tires can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle. Rotating can drastically alter many aspects of your car, including how the vehicle handles, performs and generally drives. Tire rotations are one of the most common maintenance items cars will see over their lifetimes, with many manufacturers recommending a tire rotation at every oil change, or roughly every 7,500 miles/six months. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of tire rotation from Friendly Ford!

Reduce Wear & Tear In addition to keeping your tires properly inflated, a tire rotation can help even out tread wear and increase the lifespan of your tires. Tire tread doesn’t wear evenly as a result of a car’s weight distribution. A car’s transmission and engine’s weight falls on the front tires, causing them to wear faster. The front tires also lead the car around corners while the rear tires follow, causing them to wear slower. Rotating your tires ensures the treads wear both slower and more evenly.


Different Wear for Different Cars


The type of car and how it’s driven can affect how the tires wear as well. For example, a performance car’s tires will likely wear much faster than those on the average family sedan. When the tires wear together, they respond to the driver’s input quicker, increasing handling, and maintains maximum traction when cornering.


Advantages to Buying Tires Together


While foregoing tire rotations will allow you to split up the cost of a full set of tires by buying in pairs, doing so will hurt the vehicle’s handling balance. Tire technology is always changing as well and, as a result, buying in pairs could result in using an outdated set of tires. By replacing your tires as a set, the car’s handling balance won’t change, and you’ll own the latest in tire technology.


Other Reasons to Rotate


If your tires are covered by a warranty, they likely require a tire rotation to keep that warranty valid. A tire rotation can also help catch unforeseen problems as the tires come off the vehicle, allowing technicians to get a closer look at the car’s systems and undercarriage.

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Bring your vehicle in to Friendly Ford so our technicians can inspect your car’s tires. Our expert team is happy to assist you with all your maintenance needs, including oil changes, filter replacements and detailed repairs. For more information, browse our website or give us a call today!

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